Instagram Launches Live Test of Image and Video Upload From The Desktop

Instagram launches a live test of images and video uploads from the desktop version of the app.


It's been in development for the past couple of onths, and now, Instagram is launching a primary live test of the potential to publish feed posts from the desktop version of the app, with a small group of users now ready to access the complete suite of upload and posting options.

As you'll see during this tweet from social media expert Matt Navarra, some users are now seeing the desktop posting "+" icon within the top bar of  When clicked, that then enables users to upload images or videos directly from their PC desk drive. 


Once you add your visuals, you will then have access to all or any of the regular, in-app options for editing feed posts, including image formatting tools and filters.

You can then upload, directly from the location, supplying you with different ways to manage your Instagram content and processes.

This option doesn't facilitate Stories of Reels uploads at this stage, but additional tests have shown that IGVT uploads are also within the works, which likely suggests that full posting functionality is coming within the near future.       


The option to upload from a desktop might be an enormous boost for social media managers who are looking to streamline their workflow and more easily publish edited graphics and visuals made within other apps.  

But as noted, it isn't available to everybody just yet.

Instagram provided this statement to SMT: 

"We know that a lot of people access Instagram from their computer.  To enhance that have, we're now testing the power to make a feed post on Instagram with their desktop browser."

Instagram says this is often a small test for now, with a view to further expansion soon.

Of course, users are ready to upload Instagram feeds and IGTV posts from desktop from 2019 via Facebook's creator studio app, but that's restricted to business accounts.  The creator  studio upload process also doesn't provide access to all or any of the regular Instagram editing tools, which might be another advantage of this new option.  

Instagram has been building out its PC functionality over time.  Last year,  it added the capacity to view live-streams from the desktop version of the app,  While it is also improved the story viewing experience on PC.  

That, as Instagram notes, enables more people to use the platform, while it also enables a more centralized approach for social media managers, using the native visual enhancement tools of the app.  

We'll keep you updated on any future roll-out updates.

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